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The Caravanserai of Sa'd al-Saltaneh is a large Caravanserai located in the city of Qazvin in Qazvin Province of Iran .
Built during the Qajar era , the caravanserai is one of Persia's best preserved urban caravanserais . The builder (patron) of this large caravanserai was a person by the name Sa'd al-Saltaneh Isfahani , for whom the caravanserai is named after .
The caravanserai is built on a square plan , has 4 iwans facing a courtyard . The interiors are decorated with Muqarnas and Rasmi bandi .
The Hujrehs , or the rooms for the travelers , are situated one meter above the courtyard ground level . The Hashti behind the southern iwan has the largest gonbad , with 4 semi-domes adjacent to it .
The eastern-western axis of the Hashti is called Dalan-i Qeisariyeh or "Caesar's Hall" , and the north-south axis of the Caravanserai's Hashti is named Dalan-i Ghahremani or "Ghahremani Hall" . The former is connected to the "Bazaar of Vizir" of the city .
There are also two smaller courtyards in the east and west of the Caravanserai .